Titles of Orina

King, typically the male ruler of a country, used in Avostahn and Erilar, the 9 rulers of Falcon are also known as Kings by outsiders

Ensi, formal title of Kingship within the city of Falcon

King-in-Waiting, typically denotes first-in-line to a title of royalty upon the death of the current King.

Queen, may denote a female ruler of a country or the spouse of a current King

Maharaja, the high king of Lanka

Raja, males of the direct bloodline following the Maharaja

Sarrum, a title of leadership among the tribes of the Sanyrian Desert, the Ensi of Falcon are occasionally addressed as Sarrum by the less civilized natives of the Desert

The High Smith, considered the leader of the free city of Ayen’s Peak

First of the Order, highest title of the Fylanvar, given to Perkele

Jarl, a title of leadership among the peoples of Valreath

Duke, the leader of one of the Duchies of Avostahn

Heln, a title of respect for males among the Fmir

Freu, a title of respect for females among the Fmir

Sir, title of Knighthood in many regions of Avostahn

Luin, formal title of the Luin Anar, precedes the family name as a title, roughly translating to Star

Er, title of Knighthood in the Sanyrian lands, precedes entire name

Ridde, title of Knighthood in Valreath, precedes the family name as a title

Lightfather, the high priest of Hyperius, based in the Great Temple of the Sun

Sunsworn, the three highest ranking members of the Paladinic order of the Swords of Dawn

The White Wizard, the foremost wizard in the Prime World, selected by the wizards of the Ivory Spire

The Blue Wizard, leader of magical research in the land of Erilar, a hereditary title among the Kosken family

The Green Wizard, mantle first bestowed upon Guena Vebri by Jakob, the title is hereditary and with the Vebri family rise to royalty, falls upon the king.

Titles of Orina

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