0 MA – The Brother Races are created within Orina, villages are established within the region now known as Avostahn.

13 MA – The Birth of Czernobus.

18 MA – The Halgain are created.

32 MA – Czernobus is defeated.

47 MA – The Orcs are created in the swamplands of Blackmire.

74 MA – The Weres establish control of the region known as The Kingdom of Beasts.

83 MA – First known settlers arrive in the Sanyrian Desert.

110 MA – The village of Ronvarl first founded.

167 MA – Five Fylanvar escape The Unending Halls to arrive in Orina.

170 MA – Samathael leads the Halgain against the armies of the Brother Races.

175 MA – After a long bloody war, The Brother Races and the Fylanvar defeat Samathael and his armies in the The Battle at the Broken Land.

178 MA – The City of Broaqgard founded.

186 MA – Othoram returns, begins building the City of Othos.

197 MA – The Fylanvar and Aerfen depart the material plane.

246 MA – Death of King Orikdrael Goldhammer, son Orikgrid Goldhammer becomes King.

256 MA – The Besair vanishes with the Vereve.

259 MA – The Silika departed from Valefair in search of the remains of the Besaid, discovering the realm of Valreath.

277 MA – Gorahgog becomes new King of Blackmire.

282 MA – The War Without Crowns. A major robbery occurs at the College of the Ivory Tower. The Black Wizard and two allies disappear in the Kingdom of the Beasts. The Langøret Wizard Guena Vebri leaves the Kingdom after meeting the Faerie Court of Sezanin V, taking a job from Solodrael Seastone, and disappears in the Arc Islands with Bildabek Sorrowforged. The country of Erilar is founded.

283 MA – The Tyrant is defeated by the Shepherds, Nikil Nal-na-Omina dies. Rifts into other planes begin to open.

285 MA – As part of a peace agreement with the other Weres; the Ulver, under Locris, establish the free settlement of Wolfthrone in the Kingdom of Beast.

286 MA – Prince Orikhjar Goldhammer is assassinated in his bed by the Gambler of Bloodmoon.

293 MA – Completion of the Stoneweaver Sanctuary on Mount Tantorum

297 MA – Explorers of Erilar are the first northerners to find the Sanyrian Desert.

299 MA – The City of Falcon discovered in the Sanyrian Desert, along with many tribes.

312 MA – Orikgrid Goldhammer dies, Orikdane, his second son, claims the throne. Blackmire, which had seen Avostahn occupation for many years is formally annexed.

317 MA – Anders Northwind passes away in his sleep, Selasith Northwind becomes King of Erilar.

323 MA – After frequent conflicts with the Northerners, support is sent to Rivnavol, led by Hjalmos Steinson, nearly 1/8th of Valreath is conquered and claimed by Avostahn.

328 MA – The son of a slain jarl, Steinrog Vargeln, forms the Vehn Dyrellyn, launching attacks against Avostahnian claimed territories in Valreath.

342 MA – At the Age of 213, Captain Hanrick Blackrock, founder of the Stone Vigil, passes in his sleep.

346 MA – Clevyn Ironclad leads the Northern Hammer into Ikh Gazar to aid the other Banakil from the conquering Banakil tribe of Lions. Avostahn lays claim to the seized land, now known as the Iron Coast, with a capital being built at the site known as Twelve Lions Wall.

353 MA – Selasith Northwind abdicates the throne of Erilar, Eril Northwind becomes king of Erilar

367 MA – Selasith Northwind dies in Turlingt na Ghrian

377 MA – The Palace at Erilar Mhor is finally completed, it would become known as the Hundred Years’ Castle.

379 MA – Orikdane Goldhammer dies of an infection at Kullensein, Orikvahn Goldhammer claims the throne.

382 MA – Eril Northwind passes in Erilar Mhor. Madislak Northwind becomes King of Erilar.

401 MA – Madislak Northwind passes in Turlingt na Ghrian, Oratho Northwind becomes King of Erilar

413 MA – Solodaar Seastone sets sail South from the Arc Islands, along the Iron Coast, finding the island now known as Yths. Anders Northwind II, prince of Erilar dies attempting to hunt the red dragon, Zycuruth.

429 MA – With the aid of the Ceiern of Calefdwyln Yager, Prince Aron Northwind defeats Zycuruth at Nerezbil.

432 MA – Oratho Northwind falls in battle during a raid on the southern borders from a Sanyrian tribe. Aron Northwind, secondborn son becomes King of Erilar.

437 MA – Duganna Dearg is reclaimed from the barbarians of the Sanyrian Desert by Aron Northwind with the help of the Ceiern of Calefdwyln Jager

443 MA – Orikvahn Goldhammer dies at Broaqgard of an apparent heart attack, Orikmorn Goldhammer claims the throne

447 MA – The College of the Ivory Spire aids in the founding of The Grand Academy of Yths, magic users of the South find their way here, the school goes on to focus on non-magical education.

450 MA – Aron Northwind abdicates the throne, becoming an ambassador of Erilar, Anders Northwind III becomes King of Erilar

473 MA – Aron Northwind passes in the City of Falcon.

501 MA – Anders Northwind III abdicates the throne. Cenwyn Northwind becomes King of Erilar.

510 MA – Orikmorn Goldhammer is lost at sea and presumed dead. Orikhjar Goldhammer II claims the throne, and is the first King to have attended the Grand Academy of Yths.

513 MA – To aid in his rule, Orikhjar Goldhammer II declares the nine regions of Avostahn as Duchies, providing stability to the regions far from the Heart.

514 MA – Anders Northwind III passes in Turlingt na Ghrian.

536 MA – Cenwyn Northwind abdicates the throne of Erilar, Meilyr Northwind becomes King of Erilar.

546 MA – Cenwyn Northwind dies of an injury suffered during a tournament in Southgate.

563 MA – Meilyr Northwind is poisoned by a member of the Temple of the Fallen Sun. Tuomas Northwind becomes King of Erilar, the Kingdom vows to hunt down all members of the Temple.

571 MA – Orikhjar Goldhammer II dies of injuries after falling from a horse. Orikgar Goldhammer claims the throne.

575 MA – After battling terminal illness with his son bearing his responsibility most of his short rule, Orikgar Goldhammer officially abdicates the throne to Orikmand Goldhammer.

576 MA – A Vehn Dyrellyn assassin kills Jendor Steinson, Hjaal Steinson becomes Duke of the Winter Lands at the age of 15.

577 MA – A rift is discovered in the Kingdom of Beasts, a research party is sent by the Grand Academy of Yths, led by Nikil Brightfire. Nikil and party are captured by the Gnolls of Mistfang, working for Meghnad the Thunderous, “rescued” by the Ylvenlegion and the Outworlders. The Outworlders are tasked with recovering the Bazvalier from Nikil’s realm.

578 MA – The Outworlders enter the Prime World through a rift in Reshturusk.


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