There Will Be Quiet - Session


In the city of Ronvarl, three men are hired by One-Hand Swires to perform a heist. In a city of wizards, crime is a dangerous occupation, and this heist is against the college of the wizards. Sent to find pieces of the Scimitar of Samathael the Ivory Spire had been researching. The three selected for this mission were a wizard named Izidi, a Dørv, Travok “Chubs” Lutgehr and an assassin, Tallon of BloodMist.

The group attempted to scout the College, meeting with some of the students at teachers at the Drunken Wagon. While Tallon secured College uniforms, the others found a drunken professor, Christof Graywater. Taking advantage of the situation, the three helped the professor back to his dormitory. When a woman named Kerrigan Lovelace attempted to stop them, Tallon eliminated her. Making their way through the college, they managed to get into the spire and the research area where the scimitar pieces were kept, they took three pieces, but found that they had been discovered. Making a daring escape through the great stained glass window of the Tower, the three found themselves pursued by the City Watch. They escaped, but it became apparent that they needed to leave town after trying to lay low. The trio gave Swires what he asked for and were rewarded quite well.

Izidi took the children of the orphanage he had been a part of, to travel south and create a home for them. Having been seen near the crime scene, Chubs knew he would have to leave his life behind, and traveled with the wizard. Tallon returned to Bloodmist with the last chunk of the Scimitar that had been stolen, encased it in lead and threw it into the bay.

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There Will Be Quiet - Session

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