The Wall - Session


The Northern Armies moved on from Benhåll, heading towards the capital of Blackmire, Kallosein. Attempts to convince the Orcs surrendered this time, and the combined armies of The First Swords, Ayen’s Peak, and the Northern Hammer began the siege. The Heroes of Longmound found themselves reunited with Jaune Arc, who had found himself with new powers after finding the lair of Ixisus.

The siege was short, and in the end, Gorahgog was struck down by Jaune Arc, wielding the Durendal, the blade forged from the ancient relic Gorahgog had traded for power. In victory, they headed out, holding the fallen King’s head high.

Meanwhile, Gologog, Gorahgog’s cousin, was visited by The God of Secrets, as the Orcs fell around him, he was led away into a room with a choice between a dragon egg and his nephew, the son of Gorahgog.

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The Wall - Session

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