The Unending Halls - Session


In the Unending Halls, the Fylanvar imprison the God of Curses, Czernobus. Czernobus has been sleeping since his defeat at the hands of the All-Father and many of the other gods.

In the prison known as The Gallery, three Fylanvar bask in the warmth of Czernobus’s raging heat. As he begins to awaken, he beckons them closer to the end. Othoram, the Builder, and Broaquahr, the Guardian, attempt to smash through the God’s massive glass prison, stopped only by Oratho, the Bugler of the Tabernacle. The highest of the order, Perkele was inside the prison, and pursued the three into the Warrens, they escaped, making their way to the Tabernacle in hopes that the Wizards there would have some knowledge of what to do. After solving the riddle of the Tabernacle, Vycidith presented them with the Fylanvarian Tablet, though did not get a chance to explain it before being put to sleep by Oratho.

Following this, they spoke with Zaodihr of the Keepers, who told them to seek So’un in the Warrens. They found him, and he was willing to lead the three to the Void Gate. Not understanding the instructions of the Tablet, the group headed into the Void, drifting aimlessly they met Aasilaar, who offered to help them understand the Tablet in exchange for a service. The service was accepted by Othoram, and they returned to the Void Gate to perform the ritual on the tablet.

After invoking the tablets rituals, the Fylanvar made their way to the material plane, where they were met by Aerfen, God of Fate, and Alucinde, an old woman who is a confidant of the God. Aerfen revealed the cyclical nature of the universe, that Czernobus destroyed it many times before, and Yealweath would always create a new one, and only Aerfen was truly aware of it.

Years passed as the God and the Fylanvar aided the Brother Races in training to face the Halgain and Samathael, and they would prevail at the Battle at the Broken Land, at which point Aasilar made his presence known once more, and called in his favor from Othoram.

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The Unending Halls - Session

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