The Unending Halls

The Unending Halls is a location in The Void, and serves as home of the Fylanvar and prison to the God, Czernobus. It is in a constant state of constructing deeper into the rock it is built upon, referred to as “The Star of Nothingness” by Czernobus, and is known for many of its corriders essentially being an endless maze in the hopes that Samathael would be prevented from finding Czernobus when he breaches this plane.

Locations in the Unending Halls

The Gallery, primarily known as the glass prison of Czernobus, however, there are many lesser cells containing the wild beings of the Void.

The Tabernacle, home to the wizards of the Fylanvar’s orders, there are lesser wizards associated that have never been within the Tabernacle.

The Garrison, home to the Guardians, led by Ganozoch.

The Warrens, home to the Builders and many of the Hunters, a maze unto itself of the small homes for the Fylanvar.

The Athenaeum, home to the Keepers and where many of their records are kept.

The Pinnacle, home to the Command and the highest floor of the Unending Halls, many of the other orders believe they have a way of monitoring the entirety of the Halls from here.

The Void Gate, the only exit from the Halls into the Void. Though its use in the ritual of The Fylanvarian Tablet implies this may be a magical means of transporting between planes as well.

The Unending Halls

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