The Tyrant - Session


16th Hyus, the year 282 MA
After defeating Vrothu, the Heroes of Longmound have been summoned to Riverfall. Olifer Gongblade meditates in a cave behind the great waterfall that falls in the middle of the town, reflecting on his past before his comrades meet up with the swords who have trekked to this destination to meet with Captain Anders Northwind. He has summoned them to assist the people of the town as the other Swords deal with scattered Orcs in the region.

They met with Mayor Carrot Speckleflower and learn that people of the village have in recent times dealt with something known as “ The Tyrant”, it has demanded tributes and threatened villagers, with many having disappeared, including an Evoker named Feromin. His belief was that the Tyrant used an ancient Temple of Bechole as a lair. The party traveled through the woods, encountering a group of masked figures, sent to collect the offering they were making, the party easily put down the Cultists learning little of the nature of the Tyrant other than confirming his lair.

They traveled onward, climbing the steps of the Temple built into the rock face, it was there that Bechole communicated with him, whispering sorrowful words and even showing a fallen friend to Nikil Nal-na-Omina. In spite of this, they continued their climb, finding only a single rope hanging from a large cliff inside the entrance. They climbed, and there, they found the Tyrant, and in mid-battle, several more figures emerged, the group did battle with them, but they continued to get up, and learned that the being they saw as The Tyrant, was merely an illusion. They rushed higher into the temple, finding a wizard and bringing him down before a second ran into the room, begging for death and telling panicked stories, also killed by Marco, down the hall, they found a third, woke him, learning that two others had escaped, one known as Venfarl had many notes in the room behind, among them one in large letters “And I saw the stars fall from the sky and I knew”, a second “The soul must be bound to an objects”, and one, a letter on immortality signed by a “Rubicante”.

They returned to their camp, finding that Orikdane Goldhammer and the Northern Hammer had arrived. Orikdane announced the intention to take command of the Swords and move to Blackmire, letting the Orcish army overrun Ayen’s Peak. Marco announced to the Commander what they had found, but Orikdane was only interested in going to Blackmire. To spite their persistence, Orikdane stripped their ranks, but was met with resistance from the Captain of the Swords, Anders Northwind. The First Swords broke allegiance to Avostahn in order to aid the people of Ayen’s Peak.

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The Tyrant - Session

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