The Story of Orina - Part I

Part I – The beginnings of Avostahn, as arranged by Selasith Brightfire.

In the early days of man, gods of arts and joy were created by Chlau, one of them was the goddess of Music, Herotha. It was said that the All-Father, Yealwaith was most enamored with Herotha, so much so that the Great Mother, Gaea was angered, the small seed of envy within her gave birth to Czernobus, the God of Curses.

Czernobus was a being of pure spite, and created many gods to corrupt the men of Orina, to fill them with his own evil. He spread his malice upon the world to honor his spited mother, and Yealwaith saw what his attentions had done. He returned to Gaea, and she forgave him, but the damage could not be undone. His mother once more turned back to Yealwaith, Czernobus, being born of jealousy, dedicated himself to destroying their creations, he created Thill’irzil, first Halgain, the demons devoted to destruction. And Thill’irzil had a daughter of his own, Zylus’irzil, who would become wife of Czernobus, and they gave birth to Samathael, the Black Scion. He was raised among the Halgain as Czernobus battled the Gods and their angels. Ultimately, Yealwaith’s legions won, and they sealed the unconscious body of Czernobus away in a prison created at the behest of Aerfen, God of Fate. This prison was created in the great primordial void, on a great rock known as the Star of Nothingness, and would undergo eternal construction, being known as the Endless Halls, home of the Fylanvar, immortal creations that once kept the gods amused.

He was kept in the great glass prison known as the Gallery, held in places by chains with links the size of towers. And Aerfen said that he was always meant to be, and his damage would never be undone. He would destroy everything when he was freed by]Samathael]], and though the mortals could defeat him, he would return, and he only had to win once.

Czernobus slumbered within the Gallery for ages. In Orina, the Brother Races battled the Halgain who had come from East of the Mountains, they kept their own domain, between the Northern Forests and the Southern Marshes. And after many years, Czernobus awoke.

In the Gallery at that particular moment were three Fylanvar, Othoram, of the Order of the Builders, Broaquahr, of the Order of the Guardians, and Oratho, of the Order of the Tabernacle. Czenrobus’s heat radiating, he filled them with emotions which had never existed within the constructs, including jealousy, Othoram and Broaquahr desired the warmth of Czernobus in the impossibly cold halls. And began attempting to break their way through the Glass, below, Perkele, the First of the Orders was within Czernobus’s cell.

Perkele saw them and came after them, the Fylanvar fled, believing the Tabernacle might be able to help. They solved the riddle at the Tabernacle and found that there were changes among the Order. They had become more manipulative, one stood among the Wizards, Vycidith, horribly mangled from experiments, and he gave them a Tablet but before he could explain its use, Oratho put him to sleep.

Meeting Xaodihr of the Keepers directed the three to So’un, one of the Hunters, the Fylanvar that leave the Unending Halls to explore the void for remnants of creation. So’un took them to the Void Gate, but they misinterpreted the tablet, wandering into the Void where they would come in contact with The God of Secrets, known to the Fylanvar as Aasilaar. The God requested a favor of the Fylanvar in exchange for the secret of the tablet. The Fylanvar returned, narrowly avoiding Ganozoch of the Guardians as they used the ritual of the Tablet from the outside, they entered the Gate and found themselves in the Material Realm, face to face with Aerfen, God of Fate, and Alucinde, his confidant.

Aerfen warned the Fylanvar of the battle with Samathael, and the Fylanvar aided the Brother Races, and led them beyond the mountains over the coming years until finally they faced Samathael, defeating him, and sending him back to Garthrun, the Burning Nether. Upon their victory, the God of Secrets would make his presence known and call Othoram to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Oratho and Broaquahr would help the Brother Races to develop the lands they lived upon, So’un, the Hunter, would travel into the unknown lands beyond, and upon the finishing of his task, Othoram would return, and they would develop three great cities, Ronvarl, which began as a minor settlement and is near the location the Fylanvar first appeared, Broaqgard, the great Fortress city, and Othos, the City of Glass, and the peoples of the Brother Races united under Orikdrael Goldhammer, who united many of the Northerners, and he was named the first King of a nation that would become known as Avostahn (“First Land” in Celestial). Chara Arc, who rallied the people of the Arc Islands would spend many years here, learning building techniques and returning to help build the town of Valefair into a growing city. Many other heroic lineages would come of this war, the Strongberrys a gnomish family that would become Lords of Ronvarl. The Bjornsons of the East, the Northwinds of Crixsis, the Brightfires of Tamlock, the Blackrocks of Lowfel were leaders in this battle and became notable in their homelands and among what would become the leaders of Avostahn.

Some years after their work with the people of Avostahn, the three Fylanvar departed the plane with Aerfen to discern if there would be anyway to stop Samathael. They would leave behind the Tablet with King Orikdrael, who would seal it away in the Castle of Light, and form the Stone Vigil to be its guardians, captained by Hanrick Blackrock, a man who fought beside Orikdrael in the war.

Those left behind enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence for many years. However, remnant Halgain were spread throughout the land, the Orcs, a rising power in the southern marshes became an increasing threat, Ulver, daring to leave the Kingdom of Beasts, life became harder over time. When King Orikdrael passed, Avostahn’s armies were becoming larger and larger, but so were its cities.

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The Story of Orina - Part I

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