The Stand - Double Session


Returning with the Broken Blade, Wayland the Smith was able to craft it into the Blade Durandal, while the threat of Blackmire’s army against the Free City of Ayen’s Peak loomed. But they did not come as expected, the Orcs waited until Mistfall, attempting to ambush them in the thick fog. While many of the First Swords scouted and fought the assault at the gates, The Heroes of Longmound themselves took on the mighty dragon Ixisus. Luring him away from the city, they battled him, but becoming aware of their strategy, Ixisus turned and began attacking the city. The Heroes pressed into the city, and catapulting a giant sized Olifer Gongblade at the beast, brought him down to the ground once more, enabling them to finish the Dragon. Bringing the battle at Ayen’s Peak to an end.

Elsewhere, the Orcs were fought off by Swords and town militia, notably, Eniu “En” Luh, Skarend, Hans Yager, Pollif Earthpound, and Vyres Kosken

As the Heroes and the Swords recovered from their wounds, they determined it was time to aide Orikdane Goldhammer, and prevent Blackmire from being able to attack the northern lands any further.

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The Stand - Double Session

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