The Smith - Session


The Tyrant had been stopped for the time being, but the First Swords are now removed from Avostahn’s military due to Orikdane Goldhammer’s willingness to sacrifice Ayen’s Peak to strike at Blackmire. The Orcs with the Dragon Ixisus marched upon the Free City, as the Swords arrived to meet with Wayland the Smith, leader of the City.

Upon hearing details of who was to attack, Wayland informed the Swords of a prophecy he had been told, that what they needed to protect themselves was sealed away in the Cloister of the Builder. Sergeant Jaune Arc and his unit immediately took it upon themselves to inspect the location, built by Othoram the Builder as part of his deal with the God of Secrets. Within the Cloister, they would find ancient riddles and eventually The Broken Blade and be confronted by the God of Secrets himself, making a deal with Jaune Arc for information about the blade Cora Morrs.

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The Smith - Session

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