The Shepherds - Session


The Heroes of Longmound traveled onward to Othos, where they are being housed among the Eastern Sentinels, there Six had a dream of the Oneiroi, Flip and the Fates Warning, Alucinde in Cropper’s Timeborrow. She informed him that the Tyrant needed to be stopped. Not long after, word broke out of an attack on the city, they came to the cemetary where Sentinels were battling an undead horde rising from the graves.

Marco caught up to the others where he found his compatriots battling the horde, in the middle of the fight, a larger monstrosity attacked the city. The heroes fought valiantly, and at one point summoned a Forged from beyond their plane known as Bismark, but they brought the creature down. With Olifer’s powers, he learned that this was a Kainen known as One-Hand Swires, turned into this monster by a mysterious woman. The group sought information about this woman but ran into several dead ends regarding her location, before receiving information from Madislak of the wizard who had corresponded with The Tyrant and his location.

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The Shepherds - Session

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