The Seer - Session


Jaune Arc found himself in Othos, in search of the blade Cora Morrs. He learned that an old Arc vassal, Garr la Flaga was also searching for the blade and had kidnapped Samuel Pollendina. Pollendina refused to give in, la Flaga killed him, and Arc and la Flaga did battle. Arc was wounded, la Flaga presumed dead, Arc found Marjorie Pollendina, but she claimed the blade had been taken by people who Swires was indebted to.

Arc met back up with the Heroes of Longmound, who were investigating the fires. But they were eager to go, and they traveled into the East Mountains in search of the Tower of Rubicante. They met Häkämies and Rubicante, who claims to have been a master to Venfarl of the Tyrant. He was unopposed to the idea of raising the dead, but the Heroes did not agree with the method for any purpose. He spoke to them of Cindra Movolos, the woman Olifer had saw in Othos, and told them of her former place in the prison of Rivnavol.

They traveled to Rivnavol, the prison was down many men from Movolos’s prior experimentation. And with some help, they were aided in reaching the entrance of Hroarsholt.

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The Seer - Session

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