The Land Faire

The Land Faire is a land created by the Gods of Beauty as a mirror of the Prime Material Plane, it is commonly known as Fæylün. Whereas the entire realm has entirely the same geography as the realm of Orina, the features themselves tend to be much more exotic. The realm itself has a silver sun and five moons in the night sky.

Notable Locations in The Land Faire

Gran Troia, Central Kingdom of the Ylv

Rela Luca, The Great City of Gran Troia

The Cobalt Sands, A desert of blue sands in the far south

The Sea of Stars, home of the sea fairies surrounding an island chain

Lanka, Kingdom in the Cobalt Sands, home of the Rakshasa

The Crystalline Mountains, Northern Shield of the Continent, home of the Hiisi

The Village of Wish, home to the Faeykainh

Eshmhona – Wild Ylv village north of Rela Luca

Vosa Marispa – Ylv Port town

Mistfang – Gnoll settlement against a cliff face

Gloamcoral – Sahuagin settlement near the Islands of Me

Angin Pait – City of Frozen Towers, Home of the Fmir.

The Land Faire

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