The Heroes of Longmound - Session


The Heroes of Longmound had at last tracked down the Tyrant. At the gates of Hroarsholt, they entered the Dørv ruins, finding several Dørv shufflers. Among them, a woman, Cindra Movolos, she injected one of them with something, similar to what Swires had been injected with. The creature grew, the Heroes battled the creatures as Movolos escaped, they were unable to track her down.

They traveled into the ruins, they found a ceremony, one of the Tyrants already lie dead on a slab. There was another, Marco quickly shot him, and they were quick to bring him down, slit his throat, and then he got up, several smoky creatures joined the fray, and they battled. Venfarl was put down once more, then the woman on the slab got up. Her magics sent Nikil high above into the balcony where Cindra, Falomir Frostbeard and another mutated creature. The woman stabbed Nikil repeatedly with a blade of dark magics, thanking him for his sacrifice as he died.

When his allies arrived, it was too late, Cindra and allies were gone, only the body of Nikil was there. They took him back to be buried at Longmound.

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The Heroes of Longmound - Session

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