The Gods of Orina

Yealweath – The All-Father – The Creator and first of the Gods. He came from the Void and rules above all things.

Gaea – The Great Mother – Created by Yealweath to enjoy eternity with him, Gaea birthed the World of Orina along with many of its gods. She rules over the planet itself.

Hyperius – The Sunbuilder – The God of the Light and creator of the Sun

Geluin – Goddess of Seas

Undine – Goddess of Rivers

Xanver and Ezifon – Twins, God and Goddess of Beauty

Phoebus – God of the Great Moon

Phoebe – Goddess of the Lesser Moon

Kaeben – God of Night

Rumoko – Goddess of Seasons

Laima – God of Spring

Aesta – Goddess of Summer

Dundra – God of Fall

Morrigane – Goddess of Winter

Mielekka – God of the Hunt

Ihsunus – God of Blades

Nikkal – God of Feasts

Gurzil – God of War

Andrast – Goddess of Warriors | Goddess of the Fylanvar

Chlau – God of Men

Aerfen – God of Fate

Czernobus – God of Curses

Herotha – Goddess of Music

Lemarch – Goddess of the Dead

Garuveh – God of Strength

Ananse – God of Lies

Paluna – God of Magics

Kathya – God of Vengeance

Bechole – God of Sorrows

Sulevae – God of Travelers

Melkart – God of Merchants

Seynire – Goddess of Justice

Leviathan – God of Dragons

The God of Secrets

Gavind – God of the Forge

Lyssodaer – God of Rage

Podite – God of Storms

Ata – Goddess of Misfortune

The Gods of Orina

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