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11th Hyus, The Year 282

We began with the storming of Rolandmarch on a rainy night by the First Swords. Following one particular group, consisting of Jaune Arc, Marco, Madislak, Nikil Nal-na Omina, and Content Not Found: olifar as they stormed one of the houses of this village. The two orcs inside were quickly dispatched, the group was alerted to more Orcs on the top floor. Jaune, who had been enlarged by Nikil drove his sword into the ceiling and pulled down much of the floor above, bringing two startled Orcs to him. They dispatched the ambushed Orcs, along with a third still on the floor above. Outside, war horns were heard, apparently an Orcish sign to retreat, while Oratho Brightfire signalled for the Swords to return to the center of town on the order of Captain Anders Northwind. As would be learned, the Commander had fallen, along with second lieutenant Selasith Fizzlespring.

Time was not wasted before a burial ceremony, the battle was over, and they were laid to rest. It was a time of reflection on how these two had personally affected many of the Swords. And would be followed up with the interrogation of a captured Orc, he had little information to offer other than that they have control of the Dragon of Blackmire, Ixisus, and referred to their leader as “The Prince of the Fallen Stars”.

At morning light, the group were sent with a few other Swords to the town of Longmound in pursuit of the escaped Orcs. Not long in, they found an Orcish carcass, along with a Käinen female named Zinnianne, she had been in the woods for three weeks with a group of refugees from Rolandmarch. The party informed her that help would come for them, and staying put would be their best option. Zinnianne informed the group that they had a wounded person at the camp, Nikil gave her his only healing potion.

The group continued through the forest, finding markings warning of “The Tyrant”, but came out into the hills near Longmound where they met with the town’s mayor, Reuben. Reuben informed them Orcs had been sighted, but had not attacked their town yet. The Swords sprung into action, providing defensive aid and learning that there was a fallen tower in the hills less than 10 miles away. At the fallen tower, the party was able to get the drop on the Orcs once more, and after a hard fought battle, would bring them and the leader of the raiding party down at the tower. Amidst this, Madislak, who had drawn upon divine power to bring a killing blow to the party leader, found that his sword burned the flesh of the remaining Orcs.

The party returned to Mayor Reuben, who named them the Heroes of Longmound, and offered them a place to stay for the night. At the break of dawn, Nikil was on the final watch spotted a rider, Private Roderic Henning, whom informed him and the others that Captain Northwind called for their return to Riverfall.

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The First Swords - Upcoming Session

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