The Dreamrealms

The creation of the Oneiroi, the Dreamrealms are unlike the other realms of the universe, ones mind can often pass into the realm in sleep, though physically passing into the world is rare, and only with the aide of one of the great Oneiroi.

Locations of The Dreamrealms

The Dreamrealms are a shifting landscape, changed by the mind of the dreamers and the minor Oneiroi. Few locations here are permanent.

Pyr Harin – A legendary city which has become the nexus of dreams. It is known that the Black Wizards consciousness remains here. It is also believed that the Pale lives in one of the greater towers. It is not known whether or not this is the Pyr Harin of legend.

The Night’s Bridge – A bridge, not always seen, but a link between places in the Dreamrealms. The legends say that after one has crossed the Bridge seven times, one will find themselves in the place known as the Lands Evil Dreams Of.

The Dreamrealms

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