The Broken - Session


After defeating Gorahgog of Benhåll, the Northern Armies sought their next direction. Anders Northwind and many of the First Swords went South, ultimately coming upon the land that would become known as Erilar. The Heroes of Longmound, still eager to hunt down the Tyrant and pursued an uneasy alliance with Orikdane Goldhammer.

Traveling to the Capital city of Broaqgard, the Heroes met with Hanrick Blackrock, a hero of the war over 100 years past, and Captain of the Stone’s Vigil, the force dedicated to protecting the Fylanvarian tablet. With his assistance, they were able to convince King Orikgrid Goldhammer to name them as Shepherds with the task of protecting the tablet. With their new mission, they departed for Othos.

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The Broken - Session

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