The Black Wizard(s) - Session


6th Laimus, The Year 282

The Black Wizard Archaelvus sought the lost village of Ønske in The Kingdom of Beasts , calling for aid, he has enlisted the services of five, Dormand Stoneweaver, the Dørv architect and druid, Warryn Nigel, Käinen Fighter and Wizard, carnival performer seeking to bring back the lost leader of his carnival, Xander Cain, aspiring priest of Phoebus, Kelwyn Forestspring, Käinen Trickster in search of wealth and Thorak Amberbrew, Dørv Warrior.

The group entered the Keep in the Trees to meet with Jakob, King of the Weres, seeking to pass the Gate of Beauty. Jakob denied entry, but a bargain was reached, if the group could put an end to Ulver aggression against a village of Langøret, he would allow them to pass.

The group traveled deep into the Kingdom to the village, meeting with one Langøret who could speak the Avos tongue, he led them to where the Ulver were, they confronted the Ulver named Locris, attempting to bargain with him as well, this could not be reached, a second Ulver attempted an ambush, but was fought off by the group. Locris escaped to a cavern in the woods, sealed by magic, Archaelvus was able to hold the seal open for the others to enter and track down Locris, but were pulled into a trap, several other Ulver were here, the group killed all but Locris, who agreed to stop attacking the village.

Returning to the Keep in the Trees, Jakob attempted to rescind on his agreement, not opening the Gate, but offering them a place to sleep for the night and rewards. During the night, Dormand attempted to open the gate using magic and it opened with ease, the Wizard immediately went through with his group following behind. They found the village empty, the well in the center, Archaelvus wished for the knowledge of the Black Wizards, a poor wording as the lifeforce of all Black Wizards was thrust into him. Xander wished to be the high priest and vanished, Kelwyn wished to be the richest Käinen in the land and vanished, Warryn wished for Archaelvus to be in control (what he controls is not known), the other Wizards wished to be in control as the well became unstable, Dormand wished for the resources to build the Stoneweaver Sanctuary, and Thorak wished to return the remaining three to return to his brewery in Ambervale.

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The Black Wizard(s) - Session

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