Rivnavol - Session


In the Mountains of Gohsenal, known to the locals as Sin, lies the military outpost of Rivnavol. This outpost has seen its share of hard times, and the harshest winters. But Rivnavol is more than a military outpost, it is the last stop for the criminally insane, and over the last mont, inmates have awoken in the night to terrible screams from the cells, only to find those cells empty.

Character creation: Racial restriction – Gnome, Dwarf and Human, see setting information: https://orina.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page ; Starting level 6, PCs must have attachment to the outpost, the only people living there work for the prison or are family members, or inmates.

This was run by Jim Loyd.

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Rivnavol - Session

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