Ikh Gazar

Ikh Gazar ( Banak for The Great Lands) is a region South of Blackmire, and home of the Banakil tribes. The area is a temperate savanna, and home to many species of wildlife.

Kuhmschuluu – Darga of the Southern Khanate controlled by the Redfangs

Qarakhot – Darga of the Eastern Khanate controlled by the Blackbreaths, borders Erilar

Sibankhot – Darga of the Southeastern Khanate, bordering the Sanyrian Desert, ruled by the Sunashes

Narinintalbar – Darga of the Central Khanate controlled by the Grayhunters

Berude ni Golyn – Darga of the Northern River-heavy Khanate, controlled by the Riverthornes, borders The Black of Avostahn.

Geugikhot – Darga of the Western Khanate, bordering the Iron Coast of Avostahn, controlled by the Bloodreapers after the fall of the Lions.

Ikh Gazar

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