House Rules


There is a steep price to pay for Resurrection, any person performing the rituals faces a 20% chance of death, increasing by 20% each time the rituals are performed.
Ritual requirements: A diamond worth 500GP that has a carving of the All-Father’s Triangle etched into it, a cherished possession of the deceased and a tree sapling. All of these items are lost forever to the gods.

Magical items

Magical weapons and armor are not directly created through enchanting, but are made through great feats. Slaying an ancient wyrm might give a blade powerful enchantments, either bestowing the sword with banes against dragons, or an element of that dragons power.

Other magical items may require many years for a powerful wizard to create, through trial and error and frequently attempting to cast spells on an object over and over.


Potions are always maximum strength for effect.

House Rules

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