Falcon.jpgFalcon is an independent city in The Sanyrian Desert, and the most sprawling city in the known world.


Some among the earliest men of the Brother Races traveled far beyond Blackmire, finding the distant desert, here they found the Humbaba and the AnzĂ». Between the races of Chlau and the races of the Desert, nine cities existed near Enshu’s Halt, a great oasis. Over time, these cities gradually built closer together, the cities would battle, change, but many of the people did not concern themselves with the squabbles of leaders, around the Halt, all were simply the people of Sanyr. The legends say that the Humbaba, Shu-Shamash and a Kainen, Sulumsum were the first to negotiate a lasting peace between neighboring cities and they grew together. But it wasn’t the perceived might of this union, but the unity itself that brought the other cities to the peace. Many of the smallfolk went to this growing city for protection, and as each king joined, the balance of power shifted in favor of the great city.

Today, the city is ruled by the Ensi, the nine kings on the Circle of Thrones.



Ruled by:

The Ensi

Defended by:

The Apkallu, the Seven Sages of Falcon

The Nabu Samamu, Falcon’s legion of warriors

The Black Salts, a mercenary unit that takes in tribal warriors

Further information:

Shops of Falcon
Notable Residents of Falcon


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