Eclipse of Moths - Session


The Drachenkind Paladin of Leviathan Joseph Josarr traveled into the town of Alingstrad, finding the village empty of people, occupied only by exotic moths. Searching the town but finding no signs of life, he drifted to the tavern. Not long after, the Ylv Ranger Finrod also made his way into the town, searching through houses for signs of life, but finding none. Coming out of a house, he was encountered by the Paladin, together they investigated the town, still finding none of the townspeople, but in the Temple of the All-Father, Finrod was able to find a pendant, known as the Sigil of Moths, a relic of LeMarche, Goddess of Death.

Leaving the Temple and continuing their search, they saw a man with a light entering the town. They made their way to check him out, Uhko Simola claimed the town to be cursed, being unaware of LeMarch or that it might be her work. He told them if anyone would know of a temple it would be a man named Totti in Beiru. The pair traveled to meet Totti, who believed Uhko to be responsible for the town’s woes, and that he must be a sorceror. Returning to confront Uhko, Uhko claimed to be on a fishing trip when the village fell under the curse and gave them directions to the location, following these directions, they found a campsite, but it appeared relatively unused.

Joseph and Finrod rested for the night, Finrod finding footprints on his watch, the footprints led to a cave behind a waterfall, from which they heard a strange song, that seemed to lure them in, but they were able to resist. The walls were covered with drawings of moths and at the end of the cave they found a strange transparent woman, the source of the song. Joseph approached, learning the her name was Lumikki, and she was consort to LeMarche, but had tempted Uhko into this place. Joseph attempted to contact LeMarche, but Lumikki told him he had to sacrifice something truly valuable, and he threw his holy symbol into the fire he had made for the girl. As he watched the symbol burn, Finrod from the shadows saw Joseph’s shadow take on a life of its own, unaware his own shadow was doing the same. The pair battled the shadows, surviving, but wounded, LeMarche then appeared. She demanded they take Uhko’s life to lift the curse. Joseph offered himself as her champion to spare the young man’s life, this was accepted as he became a Paladin of Death. Though she still demanded Uhko be ran far from the region.

The pair returned to the village, where Joseph confronted Uhko, commanding him to never see Lumikki again, and leave this region. Uhko gathered few of his belongings and ran, as he traveled beyond the walls, the moths became people once more. The two met with Jarl Vidkun Dahler, whom granted them a gift for their deed. Plate armor for Joseph, and an enchantment for the bow of Finrod.

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Eclipse of Moths - Session

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