Dull Day - Session


On his 100th Birthday, Rito Flitter awoke in a strange place, the office of the Oneiroi Flip. The meeting was strange, as the creature was familiar, and as Rito focused, the place began to appear as Slogbottom. Flip informed him that he was dreaming, and told Rito to wake up. Rito and his companions awaken in the woods, uncertain of how they got there, they do have a small celebration, which is soon interrupted by the appearance of two figures in the woods. The figures claimed to be messengers of the twins, Xanver and Ezifon. They tasked the group with finding and slaying a group of Oohkuhl found in the woods. If the party sacrificed the creatures to the Twins, they would receive their blessing.

The group tracked the Oohkuhl, while Rito found himself speaking to Flip, though it appeared no one else could see him. After defeating the beasts, Flip told Rito not to sacrifice the beasts to the Twins, that he could take Rito on the path to becoming a hero. He was tempted and as they returned to the camp, it became apparent the strangers were the Twins themselves. While it also became obvious that the Flip Rito had seen was the God of Secrets trying to lure Rito into a deal.

They debated turning down both offers, but ultimately, Kronen made the sacrifice.

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Dull Day - Session

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