The_Black.jpgThe Duchy of Blackmire (commonly known as ‘The Black’) is a large swamp region in the Kingdom of Avostahn, notable for the murky color of the water and the black-leaf trees. The lands were once controlled by Orcs, and united under the leadership of one named Gorahgog, under his influence, the Orcs of Blackmire became much more hostile towards the northern lands of the Brother Races. This would lead to the War Without Crowns, and the forces of Avostahn, Ayen’s Peak and the Independent First Swords uniting against this common threat. After the fall, Avostahn would occupy the land for several years until the death of Orikgrid Goldhammer in 312 MA, upon his second son Orikdane Goldhammer being named King, one of his first acts was to formally annex Blackmire into Avostahn.

The seat of the Duchy is located at Kullensein (formerly Kallosein). Though one of the poorest regions of Avostahn, the people are strong from the hard life in the swamps. It is one of two regions of Avostahn where Orcs are considered “free”, along with the Winter Lands.

Notable locations in Blackmire

Kullensein, Goldenwall

The Painted Stones

Death’s Nest, settlement built near a nest once belonging to the black dragon Ixisus.

Minor Settlements of Blackmire


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