banakil.jpg The Banakil (also referred to as Wildlings) are the Halflings of Orina. They currently reside in the lands of Ikh Gazar, bordering Erilar to the East, Blackmire to the north, and the region known as the Iron Coast to the West.


Banakil are small but plump, typically standing under 3 feet tall but often weighing around fifty pounds. Their skin is often a deep brown, hair and eye color is similar to that of the Väki, though brown hair is most common. They are known to have much larger feet, relative to Väki.


Banakil are fiercely tribal, and often nomadic. Some among them have innate magical capabilities, but none are learned Wizards. Their technology has not progressed to metal working, and they are not ones to craft permanent structures, often residing in groups of Yurts for a season. They have domesticated some of the fauna in their lands, they often can be seen on Caracals, and use Yaks as pack animals.

The Banakil typically hunt the Young Mastodons of the Southlands, one often being able to provide for a tribe for weeks, though often larger ones are brought down to feed the Caracals.

Their clothing is typically made of heavy furs, and their appearance often wild and spattered with war paint. Tribal leaders are referred to as “Khan”.

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