Lightbringer_Small.jpgAvostahn is a nation on the continent of Ramonel. Once a divided territory consisting of lands ruled by petty lords and free towns, the peoples of the region were brought together when a group of Fylanvar escaped from the Unending Halls into the Material Plane. Along with Aerfen, god of Fate, these Fylanvar banded together the local citizens for an attack upon the lands held by Samathael and his minions in the West. After their victory, the citizenry united to build the first great civilization, with a capital at Broaqgard, the fortress city.

The lands are currently under the rule of King Orikmand Goldhammer, descendant of Orikdrael Goldhammer, who was crucial in aiding the Fylanvar to bring many local warriors together, as well as influencing the Dørv to work towards the repair of many cities that were not home to them.

Avostahn has grown over the ages by conquest and discovery, having taken the lands known as Blackmire following the War Without Crowns, some of southern Valreath after skirmishes with the less civilized peoples of the land, and a region known as the Iron Coast from the Savage Banakil known as the Lions, as well as discovering the Island of Yths.

The language of the people of Avostahn is known as Avos.

The coin standard of the realm of Avostahn is the Avos Shield, differing materials in the shape of the shield (e.g. an Avos Golden Shield, an Avos Silver Shield).

The standard of the realm of Avostahn is known as the Lightbringer, four triangles of alternating blue and silver forming a rectangle.

Regions of Avostahn

The Arc Islands, Island chain off the Western Coast of Avostahn

The Hook, Western coast of Avostahn, named for the peninsula hooking around Galveston’s Bay

The Heart, Central region of Avostahn, and home of its capital

The Rise, Eastern region of Avostahn, where the land rises as it meets the Eastmountains

The Old Marches, Region between the Northern lands and the swamps of Blackmire, the least populous region of Avostahn

The Black, Former region of Blackmire, annexed in the years following the War Without Crowns.

The Iron Coast, Southernmost region of Avostahn, continental coast

The Winter Lands, Region including the Mountains of Sin and conquered Northern lands

Yths, Large Island off the Iron Coast


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