Artifacts of Orina

Weapons of Legend

Othoram’s Pick, the pick wielded by Othoram, the Builder
The Guardian’s Maul, maul wielded by Broaquahr, the Guardian
Opera, the spear of the All-Father
Dawnspark, blade wielded by Madislak of The First Swords, blessed by Hyperius and used to fell Vrothu, the blade would be kept in the Light’s Temple at Turlingt na Ghrian.
Durendal, sword made from the metal of an ancient holy blade, kept in the Free City of Ayen’s Peak
Durenflich, arrows made from the metal of an ancient holy blade, kept in the Free City of Ayen’s Peak
Scimitar of Samathael, blade of Samathael, shattered, many pieces last known in the possession of the College of the Ivory Spire, one piece with Cindra Movolos, one piece was last seen in the throne room at Hroarsholt, and one piece is in the bay of Bloodmist.
Vereve, legendary mace
Cora Morrs, the sword of the Arc family, believed to be in Othos, according to the God of Secrets, it was last believed to be in the possession of Melmoth the Wanderer
Bazvalier, a dagger discovered in the depths of a cave by Garr la Flaga before being given to Bilabek Sorrowforged for a potion of water breathing. The blade was converted to a sword by the Twin Gods of Beauty, it was returned to Gloriana by Rito Flitter shortly before his death, though the blade was stolen.
The Gongblade, also known as the Old Ringer
Bilabek’s Crossbow
Gandiva, the bow of Alwin Heavensbow
Pondier Aln, “The Weight One Must Carry”, ancient ritual blade used as part of the Silencing Circle
Haelgodt, the sword of the Bladesinger Nemos Aon-Iyzaaku

Magical Artifacts

The Bugle of Oratho
The Fylanvarian Tablet, the tablet used by the Fylanvar to escape The Unending Halls, last known in the possession of Hanrick Blackrock.
Avalon, the sheath of the Arc family blade, currently in the possession of Guena Vabri
Brightcrown, Diamond Encrusted, White Gold, Crown of Avostahn
Dillidan’s Gift
Ezifon’s Chiliad
Shelter of Exiles
Sigil of Moths

Artifacts of Orina

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