Under the Plaintive Sky - Session


Gorahgog, son of Vrothugog, was born in the village of Benhåll on a night of Lost Moons, and destined for greatness. As he grows older, he prepares to be the leader of Benhåll he learned of an object that would grant him the power to unite all of Blackmire under him. He sought the aid of his cousin, Golohgog, his retainer, Draemon, and Gurak, a ranger of Benhåll.

The four crossed the marshes and traveled to near the end of Blackmire, nearly to Ikh Gazar, the lands of the Banakil. At the Painted Stones, they fought some of the Banakil and found the object they were searching for, but found that many more Banakil were approaching the site with their Caracals. The battle was hopeless, Draemon attempted to hold them while the others retreated where he was ripped apart. Golohgog left Gurak behind, and he would also be torn apart. Gorahgog and Golohgog would escape, returning to Benhåll.

At Benhåll, Gorahgog and Golohgog would meet with Archaelvus, under the influence of the god, Salainen. Against Golohgog’s wishes, Gorahgog would exchange the broken blade found at the Painted Stones for an ancient tablet.

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Under the Plaintive Sky - Session

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