The Story of Orina - Part V

Part V – The Age of Expansion – Recorded by Cirren Brightfire

The exact beginning of the Age of Expansion is hard to pin down, as many scholars claim that it began with the occupation of Blackmire and beginnings of Erilar. However, to prevent overlap with the Age of the First Heroes, we will begin after the assassination of Prince Orikhjar Goldhammer in the year 286 MA, for it can be said that this event truly allowed for the Age of Avostahn’s Expansion.

The second son of the King, Orikdane Goldhammer was named Prince-in-Waiting upon the death of Orikhjar, which of course leads to much conspiracy conjecture that won’t be discussed here. Nonetheless, many of those who knew of Orikhjar believed he never would have followed the same course as his younger brother. Orikdane’s first action was to declare Blackmire, occupied by the Northern Hammer, and Orikdane’s long-time ally Heimoram Stonemourner, an official province of Avostahn.

Orikdane would further expand his Kingdom eleven years later, disputes between Rivnavol and the locals of Valreath at the foot of the mountains of Gohsenol continued to escalate, and Orikdane would send the Northern Hammer to aid Hjalmos Steinson, who had done much to stabilize the surrounding region. With the Hammer behind him, Steinson would bring down the lesser equipped Northerners, including slaying Jalpos Vargeln, an influential jarl. After nearly an eighth of Valreath was conquered, this would lead to Jalpos’ son, Steinrog, forming the Vehn Dyrrelyn (The Northern Spear), while some territory has been reclaimed and retaken, the Spear continues to operate in hopes of driving the Southerners from their ancestral lands.
The final expansion of Avostahn under Orikdane would occur in the Great Lands of Ikh Kazar. A tribe conquered much of the Western lands, clear to the sea establishing the Great Khanate of Lions, and began aggressively moving towards many other tribes. Clevyn Ironclad would lead the Northern Hammer into the heart of their realm, defeating the Khan and his 11 sons in a months long siege of a central city, leaving only the wall. Ironclad would establish a new settlement here, known as Twelve Lions Wall.

Ultimately, Orikdane would pass visiting his first conquered territory of Blackmire after nearly 60 years of rule. Receiving an infection on his journey that he could not recover from after nearly 70 years of rule, his son Orikvahn would take the throne.

A new territory was added under the rule of Orikvahn, the island known as Yths, discovered by Solodaar Seastone, sailing southward. This distant frontier was for a while a source of Irridium, and when finances began to dry, they reached to the College of the Ivory Spire, seeking aid to build an Academy for magic-users, but would go on to teach non-magicians as well, and would become the foremost school for noble children, when Orikhjar II attended and became known as the wisest ruler in the Kingdom’s history, it became a necessity for the royal family to attend.

Orikhjar II would take the throne following the disappearance of his father Orikmorn in 510, and under the new king, the nigh Empire of Avostahn was split into Duchies, with local Dukes making immediate decisions, though ultimately pledging fealty to the Brightcrown. The Kingdom would experience a reasonably peaceful 60 years until the king died of injuries, his son, Orikgar long battled illness, and was not much of a ruler, with Orikmand Goldhammer assuming many of the Royal Duties for most of his father’s rule, Orikgar would be the first king of Avostahn to abdicate the throne.

Orikmand is the youngest king to have claimed the throne of Avostahn, and with the royal title changing hands twice in this decade, it has been a turbulent time for the Kingdom. Enemies have conspired against the Kingdom, the Duke of the Winterlands was assassinated by a poisoned arrow, with the Vehn Dyrellyn taking responsibility, leaving the Northern Duchy with a 15-year old Duke, and the Valreathan secessionists preparing to reclaim their ancestral land.

Beyond the borders of Avostahn, civilization expanded from the young kingdom of Erilar, founded after the War Without Crowns by the now country-less First Swords, Erilar was a land south west of Blackmire, of warmer climate and greener pastures than much of Avostahn, with less danger than the Great Lands of Ikh Kazar to its west.

Erilar’s growth was gradual, but a long standing alliance with Ayen’s Peak was beneficial, ultimately to both states. The Great Temple of the Sun, visions of Madislak at Turlingt na Ghrian, would attract many of the devout to Hyperius from the Northern Lands. As the Paladins of the Sun God would form the Swords of Dawn.

King Anders Northwind would commission many expeditions beyond the borders, where the Sanyrian Desert, and ultimately, the city of Falcon would be found. It would be learned in ancient times, explorers from Avostahn would travel South, never to return, having come to the desert, or as some remains near the Howling Sea have shown, never to find anything. Many of the outsider tribes of the Sanyrian Desert would be a source of many problems for the Kingdom, including the sacking of Duganna Dearg and the death of King Oratho Northwind leading his legions into battle. Raiders would hold the coastal city for eight years before Aron Northwind second son of Oratho would reclaim the territory (First born, Anders Northwind II was killed by the dragon, Zycuruth, a death which would not be avenged for many years, the city of Cnamha Draig would be built on the site where the dragon fell.).
The devotion of Erilar to the God of the Sun made them enemies of a Cult devoted to Czernobus and Samathael, the Temple of the Fallen Sun. Though it has operated in the shadows for centuries, they would make great impact in the Kingdom, having poisoned King Meilyr. His son, Tuomas Northwind would vow the destruction of the Temple.

This Age would transfer into a new age with the discovery of a rift to a new world, while our world slid into turmoil.

The Story of Orina - Part V

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