The Story of Orina - Part IV

Part IV – The Age of the First Heroes (The Return to Peace) – Recorded by Cirren Brightfire taken from notes recorded by the Royal Scribe of Avostahn Saara Immonen between 282 and 292 MA and the logs of Bilabek Sorrowforged

After the fall of Gorahgog, the armies of Avostahn occupied Blackmire, Orikdane Goldhammer would return to the North, at this time, many of the old First Swords would depart with Anders Northwind to explore the regions beyond. This would be the founding of the fledgling Kingdom of Erilar. The ones known as The Heroes of Longmound would travel North with Orikdane, seeing Avostahn as key to tracking the Tyrant.

In the High City of Broaqgard, the Heroes would meet with Captain Hanrick Blackrock, founder of the Stone Vigil and a hero of the War with Samathael, having fought alongside the first king, Orikdrael Goldhammer. Having sufficiently impressed Blackrock in addition to Orikdane, the Heroes were able to convince King Orikgrid to name them Shepherds with greatly expanded power. They would set up a base of operation near Othos, the City of Glass. Soon after their arrival, it is known that there was an attack upon the city when there was a massive uprising of the dead from the great cemetery. The Heroes and the Eastern Sentinels were able to get the uprising under control.

In the midst of this situation, it is known that Samuel Pollendina, heir to Seacastle was found dead in Othos, Pollendina had been a friend of Jaune Arc, as well as a part of the Northern Hammer, and traveled with his childhood friend as part of the Swords.

With help of allies, the Heroes of Longmound learned of the Tower in the Mountains, home to the Wizard, Rubicante. From what was learned, Venfarl, leader of the Tyrant, had been an apprentice to Rubicante, who saw his research in raising the dead as a potential gift to the races of men when another war with Samathael would come. The Heroes would also learn of Venfarl’s allegiance to a woman known Cindra Movolos, an alchemist who had been involved with the prison of Rivnavol, seen in the visions of Olifer as having been involved with an attack by a monster in Othos.

The heroes traveled to Rivnavol, learning of the last place Cindra was seen and traveling into the ruins of the Dørv citadel of Hroarsholt. They fought their way through and found Venfarl, with Ocena lying dead on a slab. As the angel Despair watched on, Venfarl was brought down, and as the Heroes made their way down, Ocena returned to life, sending Nikil high above the room into a balcony. Ocena was defeated and the remaining heroes ran to find Nikil.
In the balcony, Nikil was believed to be brought face-to-face with Cindra Movolos, along with a monster and a Dørv named Falomir Frostbeard. The battle in the balcony was one-sided, and the wound in Nikil’s abdomen was believed to be from a shard of the Scimitar of Samathael. As a dagger used by the Tyrant was made of the same material. By the time his friends had arrived, Nikil was dead, Movolos had escaped. The funeral was held in Longmound, attended by Orikdane Goldhammer and Anders Northwind, two future kings, and Wayland the Smith, leader of Ayen’s Peak.

In the years after, it is believed that Jaune Arc disappeared in Valreath, Six, also known as Peytrog Cropper returned to Othos and Cropper’s Timeborrow, Marco the Hawk, who had learned his identity of Logan Hillweather died some years later, Olifer Gongblade would travel and teach.

Other known events include the opening of the Rifts between the planes, the disappearance of two ships from Bloodmist, witnesses claiming them to have been commandeered by Orcs, and the corrupting influence of a lump of metal in the bay. Avostahn would experience turmoil, but it was at peace.

The Story of Orina - Part IV

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