The Silencing Circle - Session


Alwin Heavensbow and the Ylvnlegion, Nikil Brightfire and the people of Orina, along with Rito Flitter, Garrison Church, Kronen Frostwalker and Lagate L’Cie make their way to Rela Luca after their defeat at Mistfang. As they were greeted, Lagate learned that Fafnir V’Din had returned and was continuing to act as Ambassador of the Imperium.

As Gloriana spoke with Nikil, Lagate and companions found that a tio of Dale Y’Xar had been following them around. After confronting the three, the group killed the Daemonfaey. Meeting with Gloriana, the party learned that the Queen believes the Ylvnblade Bazvalier to be in the realm Nikil came from, that they had been gathered to investigate this other realm. Thanireaux of the Ylvnlegion would take some of his men, and Nikil would be their guide into the realm. Lagate attempted to out Fafnir’s involvement at Mistfang, but witnesses claimed he had been in Rela Luca. Another Daemonfaey, Hundin, confessed to involvement, an attempt at insurrection.

For this, it was decreed that Hundin would be sent to the Silencing Circle, and Lagate L’Cie himself would wield the Pondier Aln. As Fafnir taunted Lagate, Lagate took the head of Hundin.

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The Silencing Circle - Session

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