Shudder Before the Beautiful - Session


After a rift is discovered in the land of Norveska, Nikil Brightfire, deputy headmaster of the Grand Academy of Yths, led an expedition to see what lay beyond. They found themselves captured by Gnolls in this new land, the Faeywild.

Alwin Heavensbow gathered four people of some reknown to perform a task for Gloriana, Queen of the Ylv, Lagate L’Cie, son of Kakarot L’Cie, leader of the Daemonfaey. Rito Flitter of Slogbottom, the son of Gritno, a leader of the community of Shard Gnomes. Kronen Frostwalker, a Go’Karoy champion of the Dead Wolf Tribe of Komen During. And Garrison Church, an Ylv Prize Fighter with little past. They are gathered in the small town of Eshmhona, and tasked with aiding the Ylvenlegion in recovering Nikil and his people from Mistfang.

They traveled to the settlement, placed against a cliff face. Attempting to launch an ambush, the group was caught, and the legion and gnolls battled, as they fought through, they found the prisoners, held by Meghnad the Thunderous, A Rakshasa General and brother to the Maharaja of Lanka. Meghnad offered to release the prisoners in exchange for only a little sport, challenging two of the warriors to a battle, with Rito and Kronen taking the challenge. His consort Kesava transported them to another realm. Lagate attempted to infiltrate the three Daemonfaey spotted at the side of the Rakshasa, his ploy did not work, and he was trapped in a dome of glass by Fafnir V’Din, an ambassador of the Imperium. As Kesava returned, Garrison attempted to challenge her, finding himself ambushed by Gerlg Blacksnarl and the Gnollish leaders.

In another realm, Kronen and Rito learned that their attacks had little effect against Meghnad, and unarmed, he defeated the two. In the dome, tension escalated, Lagate attempted to fight but was felled by the magic of three Daemonfaey. Garrison put up his best fight against the Gnolls, but the numbers were too overwhelming and he too was beaten to the ground. Meghnad lived up to his word, and the four and the Ylvenlegion left Mistfang to continue onward to Rela Luca, defeated by the Rakshasa.

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Shudder Before the Beautiful - Session

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