NPCs of the Age of Adventure


Orikdane Goldhammer III, King of Avostahn
Orikgrid Goldhammer II, son of Orikdane, First-in-line to the throne

Naimes Tourier, Lord of Southgate
Uther Ironclad, Duke of the Iron Coast

Orion Modronson, a researcher of the Grand Academy, commissioned an exploration of Hiljainsyv

Sidurgu, proprietor of the Late Husband
Yesuntei, Sidurgu’s wife
Sarangerel, Daughter of Sidurgu and Yesuntei

Raj, Vaki Woodworker in Southgate

Gul G’rush, Orcish sailor, involved in Southgate’s underworld

Khurdan Gar, Banakil Rogue, contact of Ears with Suder Bamyrg
Tordung, Banakil of the Suder Bamyrg, found dead in the Khoyor Dahki
Somga Qatun, Banakil, head of the Suder Bamyrg

Mr. Lawson
Mrs. Lawson
Little Lawson

Girard, met in the Golden Window in Southgate
LeBlanc, met in the Golden Window in Southgate
Gregoire, manager of the Golden Window in Southgate

Ingrid Cailloux, proprietor of Illustrious Ingrid’s, a stylist who also operates as a fence in Southgate

Herve, proprietor of Tools of the Trade in Southgate

NPCs of the Age of Adventure

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