Northern Hammer

The Northern Hammer are a military unit of the Kingdom of Avostahn. They are commanded by Orikdane Goldhammer, operating out of Goldhammer Keep near Whitebranch.

Their primary function is dealing with border skirmishes with creatures from the Kingdom of Beasts, however, Orcish incursions in the Southlands have found them moving towards the border with Blackmire. They were on the trail of The First Swords through Rolandmarch, meeting them near Riverfall, and with Commander Erilar Bjornson of the Swords having fallen, Goldhammer attempted to assume command of the Swords to have them travel with the Hammer. With reports of the plans of The Tyrant, as well as an unwillingness to abandon Ayen’s Peak, the Swords rebelled, leaving their loyalty to kingdom behind in favor of protecting others.


Approximately 975. The Hammer is the largest military unit in Avostahn, and is presumed to be quick to the aid of Ronvarl.

Notable members of the Northern Hammer

Commander Orikdane Goldhammer

Captain Heimoram Stonemourner

Sergeant Samuel Pollendina

Northern Hammer

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