If E'er There Were A Place For Old Flynn Coinnigh

“If E’er There Were A Place For Old Flynn Coinnigh” is a popular tavern song of Orina, particularly in the Kingdom of Erilar where Flynn Coinnigh would spend his later years.


Flynn Coinnigh was a Corporal in the First Swords, known as a vagabond and a heavy drinker, he found himself enlisted as compensation for a number of petty disturbances caused in many towns. According to the stories, Coinnigh would often sing this song at a new bar, often with changing lyrics describing his adventures and misadventures, with debatable accuracy. Late in his life, in the growing villages of Erilar, innkeeps would find themselves singing the songs in taverns they visited, or overhearing it, many of them exchanging pieced together lyrics, a 4th century Kainen bard named Paulo Redaulo heard it in many taverns in different variations, and in travels in the lands of Avostahn, found a variety of other lyrics, coming up with the “official version”, with the twenty-three most common stanzas, and often serves as a Bard’s challenge to recite the complete song.

In spite of an official version, many off-path taverns tend to have alternate stanzas.

Significant tales

Flynn Coinnigh is chased from a Villsvin village after insulting the chief.

Flynn Coinnigh saves the livestock of Crixsis from a dragon with an elaborate ruse.

Flynn Coinnigh steals the Drunken Wagon as a prank, and forgets it for a two months.

Flynn Coinnigh and thirteen Banakil travel down the Rebena Dyne in search of a Dragon’s Horde, though they found a cave, after they entered they woke up where they started.

Flynn Coinnigh wrestles a Humbaba in the Colosseum of Falcon. (The base story was verified, but greatly embellished, Flynn did not wrestle the Humbaba for six days, and while his beard was pulled, half of it was not ripped out, and only King Sid-Iddina and King Sumu-Abusho were in attendance, not all nine, only Sumu-Abusho personally paid what he bet against Flynn and drank with him).

If E'er There Were A Place For Old Flynn Coinnigh

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