In the Northern Taigas of Komen Du’ring lives the most savage of the Ylv Races. The Go’Karoy are a tribe of warriors in the north. They have learned and adapted survive by becoming almost as savage and brutal as the Hiisi they constantly battle. The other Ylvs have grown cautious of this tribe in the north, and think of them as a disgrace to the gods of beauty, but will tolerate them as long as they keep the goblins at bay. The Go’Karoy understand a different kind of beauty. the beauty of a good hunt, and of food in your belly. The beauty of a horde of the Hiisi being torn apart by Frostwardens at the goblins rush to their death.

The tribes do not have cities, but each tribe has an established settlement, ; the four Strongholds. Originally built by the Go’Karoy’s ancestors as military outposts for soldiers to be garrisoned at, as the Northern Legion Detachment became the Go’Karoy, they saw these outposts as their great strongholds. Each of them are roughly the size of a large village or medium sized town. These are the center of each tribe’s power, the closest thing Komen Du’ring has to cities. They are still sparsely populated, but they are jealously defended. Each stronghold is named directly after it’s corresponding tribe (ie. Dead Wolf Stronghold)

The Tribes

The Northfang Tribe (Named so because of their tendency to push their territory northward until they are forced back by the Hiisi)

The Dead Wolf Tribe (Named so for their custom of raising Winter Wolves and wearing their Pelts)

The White Elk Tribe (Their territory is home to a rich elk population, and their warriors are known for wearing Antlers into battle. They also sometimes wield weapons colloquially known as “Elk Picks,” an antler with steel capped points (War Pick stats))

The Red Smoke tribe (The most shamanistic tribe of the four, they have a deeper connection to the Land than the other tribes. In their territory grow a species of trees known for two things: they produce a deep red smoke when burned, great for sending messages, and their sap is both medicinal and hallucinogenic in nature. They care for these trees, keep them safe, and in exchange may use those who die for their fires, and may use the sap of the healthy trees. The tribe believes that the trees are protected by an entity they call “Bogaya, the Grandfather”.


Ability Score Increase: +1 Constitution

Go’Karoy Weapon Training: You are proficient in Greatswords, Longswords, Longbows, and Glaives.

Frost Wardens: You live and hunt in a land of ice and snow. You are acclimated to cold environments as described in Chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Ice and snow do not hamper your movement while not wearing heavy armor.

Relentless Hunter: As a bonus action you can move up to your speed towards a hostile creature that you can see.


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