Engarrin is the Kingdom of the Tieflings. A distant land, unknown to the people of Avostahn and the surrounding nations, it is also unaware of these people. The people of this land are distant descendants of the Halgain.

The people of Engarrin speak the language known as Karln.

The coin standard of the realm is the Tanaga

The banner of the realm is a silver crescent moon and the rune of Farki’s Rock on a field of Purple.

Locations of Engarrin

Mosmer, a village near the Kariaka Mountains

Kariaka Mountains, Northeastern Mountain Range

Salei’saga, Capital of Engarrin

Farki’s Rock, a great stone on the Lontian River, there is an ancient rune on this rock, its meaning lost to time and considered to be there before the first people began to settle on the site that would become Salei’saga. Farki’s Rock now serves as part of the wall to the Castle Niu.


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