Dale Y'Xar

The Ebony Spire lies in the fungal swamp known as the Frox Quag. It is here that the Imperium of the Daemonfaey is based. Once they were like the other Ylv, though more magically inclined, living in the forest known as the Crystal Shroud. The explored and enlightened themselves to the occult secrets of the world, even learning of the other worlds. Led by Cacaroth L’Cie, they slowly changed into something different, devoted to the Fylanvar of the void. The Crystal shroud itself drained away and gutted for every bit of magic they could, to be replaced with the Ebony Spire, descending far below the land itself and into the darkness.

They became known as the Dale Y’xar, though others would call them the Daemonfaey. Though they participate in Ylv politics and pay tribute to Gloriana, their society is corrupted at the roots.

Daemonfaey stats

On top of the Ylven traits from the PHB, Daemonfaey have +1 Intelligence

Immortality – The Daemonfaey are ageless in the Faerwyld

Whispers of the Void – Daemonfaey have the Message Cantrip, at 3rd level, they may use Dissonant Whipsers once per day

Celestial is a bonus language

Dale Y'Xar

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