Broken Mountains

The Dwarves (or “Dørv” as they have come to be known in Orina, with Dwarf being something of a slur) living under Valreach, not to be confused with the neighboring Valreath, were once a rich and thriving people, a bastion of virtue in the northlands, and the strongest exemplar of this could be found far beneath the mountain core. They called it the “Deepthrone”: an ancient fortress of wonder surrounded by complex mines. There, the Cold Iron Crown unified the Dorven people and lead them to prosperity. But a cataclysmic event divided the Dorv of Valreach.

Over 400 years ago, a meteor crashed into the peaks, splitting the mountain in two. With magical force, it burrowed deep, beyond the Old Mines, striking the heart of the Kingdom. Countless lives, houses, and artifacts were lost in the Sundering of Valreach; lost too, was the Cold Iron Crown. Stirred by the impact, uncanny horrors would rise from the Darkness Below.

In the era of strife that followed, the sprawling expanse of shattered peaks would be called the Broken Mountains. Fitting, as the Dorv there would fall into infighting and disarray, without the leadership of the Cold Iron Crown. Branching off into three sects, the Dorv would wage a cold war that would carry on for generations.


The Dørv of the Broken Mountains are still stoic royals, bound to the infighting and politics that come with the territory. But they find hope and optimism in divinity (while clinging to the relics of a prosperous past). The following are the three branches of their military:

The Mountain Guard – These are the enforcers of the law, the guardians of the realm. They function as both royal guard and police force. It’s their job to combat, and apprehend the Gravelords.

The Deep Hunt – an expeditionary force that delves into the deepest caverns and sections of the mountain to root out the horrors that tend to accumulate there. They are responsible for preventing the Darkness Bellow from reaching up into the Broken Mountains. This is the most hard core branch of the military, with many dread being assigned to it, but there are 2 groups in particular that volunteer; duty bound mountain dwarves & the craziest of Peakfellows (see Cloudkin sub-race above), for whom crater jumping just can’t provide enough of a thrill.

The Radiant Legion – This is the force that is considered the elite hammer of the gods for the dwarves. All blessed warriors, clerics, and paladins. They wear blessed armor and utilize holy runes with frightening efficiency. If you attack the Broken Mountains region, these are the soldiers that will smite you. They patrol around the shield and attack any barbarians that come to close. Especially feared, are the Legion Lightbringers, as they bring fire and death far more than light (typically, these are light clerics).

Each branch is led by a High Warden. Underneath him serve 6 wardens, who each command a 6th of the force, which is again broken up into 6ths, and so on until you get to Battle Squads, which usually consist of 6 dwarves of various capabilities in order to facilitate versatility.

Broken Mountains

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