Bechole is the God of Sorrows, he was a creation of Czernobus.


Bechole on the Material Plane appears to be an almost black void with a translucent white face that looks almost like a mask.

Despair and Lament

The Angels of Bechole are known as Despair and Lament, both figures appear as misty, faceless shrouds with wings. Lament is a pale blue, Despair a deep violet. Unlike many gods, the Angels of Sorrow never speak for their master, Bechole speaks directly, while the Angels draw out the emotions of mortals through enshrouding them.


In spite of the nature of his creator, many good people turn to Bechole in times of grievance and hopelessness, as he is strengthened by siphoning their internal pain through the Angels Lament and Despair. Those who find themselves forced to turn to Bechole often in life tend to find themselves as followers.

Appearances in-game

Bechole has not manifested fully in any games, but has made his presence known when the First Swords tracked The Tyrant to his temple. Despair and Lament would appear in the dreams of Madislak and Marco. Despair would appear in Hroarsholt in the battle between the Heroes of Longmound and The Tyrant.


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