Lieutenant Inguar Steinson

Väki Lieutenant of Rivnavol


Lieutenant Inguar Steinson is a Väki Fighter, born in the city of Othos. His father was a struggling merchant who never became truly successful on his own, but as Inguar was growing up, he was hired to manage a contract overseeing supply runs for the Eastern Sentinels. Inguar himself became familiar with many of the Sentinels and would train under them while his father worked. Outside of the Sentinels, many of his friends from his poorer youth were beginning to find themselves trained with the Hidden Glass, Thieves’ Guild of Othos. While Inguar would not join the Guild himself, he also kept the secrets of his friends, and when he came of age, he became a member of the Sentinels, but maintained his connections, providing the occasional tip to keep his old friends from being caught.

A couple years into his service, Inguar was hurt, his team pursuing a small group of bandits, he was ambushed, pushed off a cliff. Inguar suffered injuries to his hip and leg, from then out, he was mostly put in administrative positions. When he was given the assignment of Rivnavol, it was distant, harsh, but he was happy to have a job that put him on his feet. Shortly into his service, he found that an old friend was sent to Rivnavol, Falk The Fisherman. Inguar began to become a little different, he would smuggle things in to keep his old friend more comfortable. The Glass found out about Inguar’s helping his old friend, and used him to help take care of members that had been incarcerated there, as well as attempt to get information out of them. Steinson was well taken care of by the guild for his services, though most of his earnings have been hidden away for retirement. He himself has become quite apathetic towards his position, rising up the ranks despite being known to be overly aggressive with some prisoners, and is paranoid that this will come back to bite him.

Following an incident where the former deputy warden, Cindra Movolos was experiments on prisoners, Steinson was promoted to 1st Lieutenant, taking on further administrative duties in the facility.

Lieutenant Inguar Steinson

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