Valreath.jpgValreath (from Celestial God Battle) is a land north of The Kingdom of Beasts. The land consists of many Jarldoms, notable Jarls are Jarl Rellin Stanne of Silverfrust, Jarl Armas Leppälä of the Broken Mountains and Jarl Aukust Elo of Burden’s Rest. There are no standard coins in the realm, pieces of precious metals serving this purpose.


The people of Valreath worship the oldest gods, Yaelweath and Gaea, and according to legends of the people, Yaelweath was courting Gaea, and she proposed that if he could best her in combat, she would become bonded to the All-Father. He agreed and they fell into a battle dance, wracking the lands; each mighty step calling forth stone and metal from the Earth itself, giving birth to Ramonel’s northern shield. Though Yealweath had advantage, Gaea was nearly his equal and summoning the fury of nature itself, she struck him down with a hefty blow, slashing a deep wound in the All-Father’s ribcage. He bled out onto a patch of land, grinning wide; invigorated by this worthy challenge. It is said that his blood changed the land, enriching it with fertility, flora, and fauna. Calling himself to purpose, he overcame injury, charging Gaea. Catching her off guard with his true git, Yealweath won the day with his perseverance, and with it her hand in primordial union.

There are legends in the lands that in the early days of the mortal races, the people of Valreath battled giants or trolls, depending on the where you ask. Though nothing of the sort has ever been seen by those still living in Valreath.

Unique Properties

The dirt in Valraeth, the “bloodsoil” is an amber hue. And as if crafted intentionally, an arboreal belt edges the perimeter of this land, meeting the shield’s cliffs (the “Ringforrest”). Elder trees grow throughout the settlement, a rural kingdom of hearty northmen having developed around them.

Phobe and Phoebus shine brighter here than they do in any other land in Orina. When both moons are full, uninitiated younglings with druidic gifts experience their first wild shape. Similarly, when they are adults, when both moons are full their powers are amplified.


Reshturulk, the Forest of Horns

Silverfurst, City on the Omjuka River

Broken Mountains, Mountainous region in Central Valreath, ravaged by a meteor long ago

Burden’s Rest, City built around a large natural hot spring in Western Valreath

Alingstrad, Remote town located in the region known as the Long Trek.

Beiru, a small Kainen farming settlement

Highmountain, a free Dørv city at the edge of the Eastmountains.

The Northern Expanse, a vast frozen waste, difficult to climb back from, many criminals have been banished to this region

Neverlight, city in the Northern Expanse, the Northernmost city in the known world, the city is named for never seeing the sun.

Ásþórhöfn, Port city off between Morrigane’s Sea and the Geluic Ocean

Síðasta, the lonesome forest, the only known forest in the Northern Expanse, near enough Neverlight to be used for homes and firewood


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