The Story of Orina - Part I I

Part II – The Age of Expansion, as arranged by Selasith Fizzlespring, with additional notes on Orcish movements in the South by Professor Christof Graywater

The son of Orikdrael, Orikgrid ruled over the Kingdom for many years, unlike his father, he never fought a war, he was raised to be a King, a bizarre prospect. And his father worked hard to raise him to be a just ruler, Orikgrid, however, had two sons, Orikhjar, the new Prince of the Realm, and Orikdane, the second son, though called Prince, he would never rule the realm as long as Orikhjar bore a child, and Orikgrid had to keep the boy occupied. Orikhjar was raised for the throne, and Orikdane was raised as a warrior, as was his grandfather.

Eventually Orikdane was given command over a unit known as the Shepherds, mostly a mobile unit that handled Barbarian raids and assisted city guards, he handled this for years until the incident at the village of Tenby. The townsfolk had grown restless, demanding lower taxes, the shepherds were dispatched, and as they attempted to calm the people down, a farmer with a spade hacked a young private named Marco Ellensworth down. The Shepherds responded by killing the farmer, and as the townsfolk began to fight back, they were wiped out easily as Orikdane watched in complete shock, the scene broken only by Captain Erilar Bjornson, holding an infant.

Orikgrid was enraged at the handling of this incident, sending his son back to their ancestral home of Goldhammer Keep in Whitebranch, demoted to serve under his cousin, Rahlmyan Stonecloak. Many of the other members of the unit would be reassigned, many to the ill-fated Besair expedition. Only one man ultimately came out unscathed as the request of Orikdane, Erilar Bjornson. Bjornson would be given his own unit, kept away from the Shepherds, though would have a similar purpose, and the First Swords of Avostahn were born, prepared to respond to dangerous areas far from the great cities.

The unit was kept smaller, for many years it was forty men (colloquially, they were referred to as the Forty Swords of Avostahn), one was brought to the unit, Anders Northwind, a Sergeant Major with the Central Brigade, he was a man rising fast politically, but requested the transfer as he preferred to be in the field. Northwind became a close ally of Bjornson, and became Captain, second to the Commander and encouraged a growth of the Swords, eventually they would reach over a hundred men.

Years after the Besair was lost, a second expedition would follow its course, the Silika, led by Captain Thoryn Spenser. The ship was also thought lost for it had been north for many years, but when they returned, they came with news of lands beyond the Kingdom of Beasts. Men living in the frozen northern mountains, this land is known as Valreath. The Jarls of this land had no ships, and no way to traverse the Forests belonging to the Weres, and Rivnavol was quite far for them, but the fishing village of Silverfurst was able to begin trade with them as the men built a dock for them.

In the South, the Orcs were a growing race, though their god had disappeared from Blackmire after the fall of Samathael, their control was only contested by the Black Dragon, Ixisus and a handful of Banakil in the south. As the Brother Races nearly a hundred year prior, the Orcs were a tribal society, towns were self-governing, usually with the strongest ruling, but an Orc was born named Gorahgog of Benhåll on the Night of Lost Moons. Due to the coincidence of a meteor shower on the same day, the shaman of the village saw this as a sign that Gorahgog would rule all of Blackmire.

As Gorahgog grew older, the shaman’s prophecy consumed him, and he brought together many of the villages near Benhåll. Not content, he turned to the God known to the Orcs as Salainen, and received a deal to retrieve an artifact in exchange, Salainen would ensure that Gorahgog’s family would rule over the Orcs for generations. With his cousin Gologog, attendant Draemon, and Gurak of the Outlands, Gorahgog traveled to the site known as the Painted Stones, colorful ancient rocks not of this world, and battled the Banakil atop their Caracals, Draemon sacrificed himself to help Gorahgog escape, he was torn apart by the Caracal, Gologog was able to outrun Gurak who was caught by the Banakil, Gologog caught up to his cousin and they returned to Benhåll, to meet Salainen, it was there that the Black Wizard, Archaelvus delivered the Fylanvarian Tablet to Gorahgog, in spite of Gologog’s pleas.

Using the Tablet, Gorahgog became the most powerful of Orcs and gained control over the Dragon Ixisus. Together they were able to bring all of the Orc tribes of Blackmire under his banner, and he built the new city of Kallosein. And when Blackmire was conquered, Gorahgog looked North to Avostahn.

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The Story of Orina - Part I I

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