The Sanyrian Desert

The Sanyrian Desert is a region in the Southern Part of the continent of Ramonel. Named for god of the land’s peoples, Sanyr,it borders the nation of Erilar and the region of Ikh Kazar. It is the native land of the AnzĂ» and Humbaba.

Many of the people of the Desert are tribal, often formed near oases with little expansion, though takeovers by outcasts forming new tribes are more common. The largest of these tribes are the Whimb, controllers of the border with Erilar. These tribes tend toward the native races.

The City of Falcon was founded similarly, with 9 tribes gathering around the Oasis of Enshu’s Halt and is more cosmopolitan than many of the tribes.

An important cultural activity for the peaceful tribes is the Sook, open-air markets where traveling merchants trade with local traders for exotic goods. The Sook Rabum in Falcon is the most famous of all of these, and always open.

The Sanyrian Desert

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