The Golden Cape

Legend tells that there was once a giant by the name of Thur’grok, he had three brothers. The giants were greedy and found the lair of a dragon (in most tellings, this dragon is Meinhedessahl himself, however, it is usually believed to be a non-evil dragon). Thur’grok’s brothers went into the cave, and there they saw a great golden cape, and they desired it. They spoke to the dragon for many days, telling the stories of their people, how that cape would protect them from the dangers East of the Mountains.

But the dragon would not part with his treasure for they could protect each other from the dangers East of the Mountains.

They told that the dragon could not wear such a cape, it could better serve them and they would bring back a great treasure to replace it. But the dragon knew of no treasure that could replace it.

On the seventeenth day, the youngest of Thur’grok’s older brothers challenged the dragon, to wrestle for the cape. The dragon accepted, and they wrestled for many days and when the giant could not pin the dragon, the dragon swallowed him up.

After this, the second oldest of Thur’grok’s older brothers was angered at the dragon, and demanded the cape to give to their mother as recompense for her loss. But the dragon could see the lies coming out of his mouth, the giant only intended to keep the cape for himself, and he turned so red he nearly cooked himself at the accusation. But the dragon lashed out and swallowed him up as well.

Thur’grok and his eldest brother were further outraged but knew this dragon was more powerful than they, and so they left and camped for the night. But the eldest brother knew that after such a meal, the dragon would be certain to fall asleep, and while the dragon slept, he crept into the dragon’s lair once more and took the cape while the dragon slept. The eldest brother ran past Thur’grok, to the great desolate east beyond the mountains, days later Thur’grok saw the dragon fly overhead, and days later, he found his brother and the dragon battling. His brother wore the dragon’s cape, and was the greatest fighter the giants had ever known, but Thur’grok did not get involved, and they fought another thirty days before finally the dragon swallowed the eldest giant.

Thur’grok looked at the dragon, mournfully. The dragon looked upon him, but Thur’grok did not attack. The dragon spake “Why do you not attack me Thur’grok? For I have swallowed your brothers.” Thur’grok could only reply, “My brothers were the greatest warriors in my village, they protected me, how could I hope to defeat he who has defeated them? And now I have no protection when I travel East of the Mountains.”

The dragon was surprised at the youngest giant’s reaction. Many had tried to steal from him, and he defeated all of them, but this giant wanted nothing from him. The dragon spake again “I have taken your protection, and I shall give you new protection, this cape shall make you as powerful a warrior as any of your brothers.”

And that day, the dragon gave Thur’grok his cape, and Thur’grok returned home and became a great warrior among his people, he returned many times to the dragon, never wanting anything, only to visit, and the dragon was happy to have a visitor who wanted nothing of him.

So, the legend goes…

The Golden Cape

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