The Creation of Orina

In the beginning, there was only Yealwaith, the All-Father, alone in the great blackness.

Yealweath delighted in existence himself, and was content with even the emptiness for a very long time, but eventually yearned for something new. He began to place the stars in the sky, and would calculate precisely where to place each and every single one. Sometimes he would spend years before placing a single star. When he was finished, he marveled at the beauty of the starlit sky, but as time passed, he sought a new venture. He wished to create someone to enjoy eternity with him, and created Gaea, the Great Mother.

They spent countless millennia enjoying each other’s company, when one day Gaea realized that Yealweath gave her everything, and she had given him nothing. While he slept, she bore Orina. But Orina was barren, nothing more than a great rock for the All-Father to walk with Gaea. But they spent countless years enjoying her creation, until Yealweath conceived a new way to enjoy the world, he asked Gaea to bear children. And she bore Hyperius, the God of Light and builder of the sun to light the world. She bore Geluin, Goddess of the Seas, whom in turn birthed Undine, and they dug the oceans and rivers of the world. She bore Xanver and Ezifon, God and Goddess of Beauty, and their children shaped the world above the water.

Yealweath reveled in creation, wandering the world his wife and children created and marveled at it. In the countless ages he spent exploring this creation, he learned every last detail of the world, and could know his exact position in the world by looking at a pebble in a cave. In time, once again, Yealweath wanted more. Gaea birthed Phoebus, Phoebe and Kaeben, the triplets. Phoebus and Phoebe built the moons of Orina. Kaeben, the God of Night took away the light Hyperius bore, leaving only the light emitted by the two moons and the stars the All-Father himself had placed. And the All-Father marveled at all things in new lights, watching as the shadows of mountains shifted as Kaeben’s nighttime chased away Hyperius’s sun.

Again, the All-Father had seen all things in day light and moon light, and the Great Mother bore another, Rumoko, Goddess of Seasons, and her children brought forth the seasons for the All-Father to witness all things covered in snow and in warmth. And he was pleased.

Once more, he had seen all things, in fall, in snow, in bloom, in night and day, and wanted more, he turned to the Great Mother. She bore Mielekka, God of the Hunt, who created the beasts for the All-Father to seek out, and Ihsunus, God of Blades, to create the weapons he would use. And Yealweath enjoyed his hunts, and with Nikkal, God of Feasts, he shared his hunts with his family.

The hunts too began to tire the insatiable needs of the All-Father, once more he sought new challenges on Orina, and Gaea bore him Gurzil, the God of War, and his children created warriors, who did not run from the All-Father, but met his weapons with their own. He would face him, sometimes creating his own warriors and leading them with his great spear, Opera, which sang the songs of a million battles.

The All-Father was pleased for a long time, and many more children would be born of other Gods. And Yealwaith would come to find himself enjoying spectating as the warriors created did battle amongst each other and against beasts, when he had his greatest idea. He went to the Great Mother once again, this time she bore him Chlau, God of Man, who began to create the people of Orina, and gave them free will, as the All-Father believed they should enjoy the creation of his wife and children. And Chlau would birth many other Gods to guide the men of various races created.

And the All-Father watched.

The Creation of Orina

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