Pyr Harin

Pyr Harin is a legendary city, believed to exist in the Red Lands. During the War with Samathael, soldiers spread word of a city that had been seen by scouts far beyond where men dwelled, occupied by a Red People, some claim that many defectors went to the city, it is known that several people went in search of the city after the war ended, of note, Valin Hawkphare, who lead the men from Tamlock disappeared in search for this city.

There are claims that the city could only be seen at night from a mountain range far beyond the Eastmountains. Others claim that mysterious traders met with some of the scouts and mentioned it was hidden away in a valley.

Pry Harin in Culture

Notable stories include Walse of Pyr Harin, a trader who wanders Avostahn to this day, offering fantastic treasures at a personal price. Many of the stories are believed to have been tales of Melkart or Sulevae in earlier times.

One of the events in The Wanderer involves the K√§inen Wizard, Mellith Flickerfrost traveling to Pyr Harin and meeting seven giants who rule the city. According to this story they have a pier at the edge of the world, from which they can travel to the realms of the gods in the ship Valsnolath (God’s Heart), but when Flickerfrost attempts to sneak onboard, he falls asleep waiting and awakens near the Eastmountains.

Pyr Harin

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