Erilar.jpgErilar is a nation on the continent of Ramonel. It is located Southeast of the Black, East of Ikh Gazar, and Northwest of the Sanyrian Desert. To the East lies the Sea of Tegwen. The land was founded when Anders Northwind of the First Swords traveled south of the land once known as Blackmire following the divide between the Swords and Avostahn. The Kingdom began as a small settlement named for the founder of the First Swords, Erilar Bjornson. Over time the land grew and became known as heavily devoted to Hyperius, with the Great Temple of the Sun being built at Turlingt na Ghrian.

The Kingdom is currently under the rule of Tuomas Northwind, descendant of Anders.

The language of the people of Erilar is known as Erilin.

The coin standard of the realm is the Eril Sun, differing materials with a stamp of the sun, (e.g. an Eril Gold Sun, an Eril Copper Sun)

The standard of the realm is a single sword on a field of green.

Cities of Erilar

Erilar Mhor, Capital City

Glirdwer, City on the Rebena Dyne

Turlings na Ghrian, City of the Light, home of the Great Temple of the Sun

Duganna Dearg, City on the Edge of the Sea of Tegwen

Cnamha Draig, city built on the site where the dragon Zycuruth was defeated

Minor settlements of Erilar


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